Partial Dentures

Clinico Acrylic Partial Dentures

Clinico Acrylic (Partial) Dentures are made from high quality materials, hand crafted to provide a comfortable fit and unique custom detailing.
They are available in a range of natural shades to blend closely with your gum tissue.

chrome partial dentures

Clinico Chrome Partial Dentures

Clinico Chrome (Partial) Dentures are precision cast to provide a light, strong and durable denture delivering optimum comfort in your mouth.
They are available in a variety of shades and with custom detailing for the most natural look.

flexible partial dentures

Clinico Flexible Partial Dentures

The Clinico Flexible (Partial) Denture is the best possible option for comfort and appearance of a partial denture. They are made from nylon, are flexible, made to last and are five times stronger that the conventional acrylic partial denture.

titanium partial dentures

Clinico Titanium Partial Dentures

Clinico Titanium (Partial) dentures are made from medical grade titanium delivering a strong, durable and lightweight finish.
They are available in a choice of acrylic bases to blend with natural gum tissue and are extremely wear resistant.

To find out how to get your partials, contact us or call Clinico Denture & Hearing on 0800 11 23 24.


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