New Dentures

See our extensive range of new dentures below - there is a solution for everyone.

BIO Denture

Handcrafted crafted to the highest standards, using the Bio-functional Prosthetic System the BIO denture is the result of a extremely specific tooth setup and using the Accu-liner articulating system along with high quality German made natural looking triple layer teeth.

The BIO Denture comes with a full 3 year manufacturing warranty and includes all after care appointments, function and aesthetics.

The BIO denture will provide optimum aesthetics and function giving you the best results money can buy.

natural dentures

Natural Denture

The Natural Dentures are handcrafted to provide a natural finish with a choice of many different shades and styles. They are constructed to be durable and are designed to give you the natural appearance you never thought you could achieve with dentures.

cosmetic dentures

Cosmetic Denture

The Cosmetic Denture is known as the "Anti aging Denture" using particular techniques to build up the anterior region of the denture to even out wrinkle lines around the lips. Cosmetic new dentures are a great alternative to plastic surgery.

premium dentures

Premium Denture

Premium Dentures are designed to be hard wearing high quality dentures. Premium new dentures are hand made in our own laboratory right here in the Waikato in the most state of the art facility and carry a two year manufactures warranty.

essential dentures

Esential Denture

Clinico Essential Dentures are made to be durable and robust. They carry a 12 month manufactures warranty and are made right here in the Waikato in our own state of the art Laboratory. The Essential denture is ideal for those on a tight budget.

natural dentures

Chrome Palate Denture

The Chrome Palate denture has two benefits over any other full upper denture. They are to give un-breakable palate strength and are a lot thinner than any other full upper denture. If you have natural lower teeth and require a full upper denture then the chrome palate is for you.

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