About Clinico

clinicoWe are a greater Waikato-based family run group of clinics and we provide the highest level of Denture & Hearing care. At Clinico exclusively use the professional services of MetroLab Dental Prosthetics a locally owned and run manufacturing facility for all of our laboratory requirements MetroLab have highly skilled and qualified Dental Technicians on site to enable us to achieve the best possible results for you, our valued client. As every case is unique we can MetroLab is close by to monitor and adjust individual cases at each stage of the process to ensure an accurate fit.All Clinico products are made from only high quality European branded materials that incorporate the latest technology and design into every denture we supply and fit, every denture is precision hand crafted to ensure the best possible fit and to provide superior strength and durability to your denture.

Why Choose Clinico

Best Quality
All our dentures are hand crafted by skilled highly qualified dental technicians though our exclusive local dental laboratory "MetroLab"

Our preferred manufacturers "MetroLab" highly skilled and our qualified clinical dental technicians and have over 100 years of combined experience to offer when hand crafting each denture. When Clinico provide you with a denture you will take comfort in knowing we use European materials and the latest technology.

Best Service
We provide a professional and efficient business model that offers a personalised service to every client. Clinico is the largest New Zealand owned and operated provider of Denture services in New Zealand. We specialize in Dentures so you know when you visit a Clinico clinic you are in the best hands possible.

Best Price
Our goal is to provide the best dentures at the best price. Because Clinico is a local owned family business it is important to us that you feel you are being looked after, dental services and be very costly these days and that's why our team offer the best price guarantee.